Sunday Sundaes

Playing Barbies

One of the favored past times of Sunday afternoon play dates with my friend from church was playing Barbies. We would spend hours upon hours doing this every week, for years. But it did not start out smooth.

To the dismay of a six-year-old, I learned quickly that I was NOT in the know when I found out about Barbies. I didn’t have any. My friend had lots. How had I gone so long without learning about them? We could play them at her house, but not mine. But never fear, my mom and grandmother took care of my problem. Soon I had Barbie, Ken and Skipper. Barbie even had a plethora of outfits to change into. Then I got Donnie and Marie dolls and even a Dolly Parton doll.

For Christmas one year I got Barbie’s townhouse. It was three floors and had an elevator. I acquired blow up furniture and I think there was even a blow up pool. Eventually we came across a Barbie RV at a rummage sale. I still have that along with three Barbie cases crammed full of dolls and clothes stowed away in a closet. I had thought I’d save these for my own daughter, but I was blessed with a son instead.

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