Play Date Saturdays

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Good Top of the Morning to ya! It’s a lush, green day out, even with the drizzle of rain that is falling. A perfect touch if you ask me for St. Patrick’s Day. But it is Play Date Saturday and I have much to accomplish before I can play. My son’s band instrument broke yesterday and we have to take it in for repairs. I have to meet my mom to look at a pair of earrings she thinks I might like. And last, but definitely not least on our list of errands this morning, I have to take my son to get a hair cut. He took it upon himself the other night to try to trim it himself — not a good job either. Not sure why he suddenly decided he couldn’t wait to go to the barber, when I’ve been dragging him to get it cut the last two times.

Still, once these tasks are complete it isn’t play time yet. We have a family portrait session this afternoon. I have yet to decide on what to wear. Though I think I have an idea.

Once we are finished there then the fun can begin. We are going to a dinner with my Sunday School class. I’m sure that sounds like a sedate way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but then I’m not Irish. At least I don’t think so.

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