Play Date Saturdays

Today was a lazy day. Have you ever just woke up knowing it would that way? It’s been a while for me so I guess I was due one.

I should have as soon as I woke this morning, because it was difficult to wake up. I was supposed to have gone shoe shopping with my mom for a pair of flats for her, but she cancelled. Which was just as well since I pretty much spent my  morning as a couch potato watching movies on ABC Family (My Girl 2, Bringing Down the House, and Raising Helen) while it rained outside.  I also judge a contest entry and tried to write this blog and did two loads of laundry (hey, have to do something productive).

I finally pulled myself together around three and took my son to see the Hunger Games. It was so worth seeing. I confess I haven’t read the books, but plan to. He enjoyed it and says he wants to read them too. YEAH for movies! I rejoice anytime he wants to read a book. He’s so into video games, but I guess that is typical for his age.

Have you seen the Hunger Games yet? Do you plan on seeing them? Or are you more into action hero movies? We saw the trailer for the Avengers and I can’t wait to see it. They are also doing a remake of Spider man. And if you are a Johnny Depp fan I’m sure you will not want to miss him as Barnabas in Dark Shadows.

One thought on “Play Date Saturdays

  1. I am so jealous of you for going to see The Hunger Games. 🙂 My daughter introduced me to the first book last year and I read all three as fast as I could devour them. But they are dark, much more so than the movie according to reviews I’ve read. At first I thought I wouldn’t want to see the movie because of some the happenings in the books, but since it’s PG-13, I definitely want to go!

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