Sunday Sundaes

Playing Charlie’s Angels

Besides playing Barbies on Sunday afternoons my friend Christi and I would sometimes play Charlie’s Angels. You may think how could two play this when there were three Angels? Easy. Christi had an aunt that was only a year older than us. So when she was with us that is what we’d play. I don’t really recall any particulars about how we played them or what we did. However I do recall after our mutual friend Pat came into the picture and it was often the three of us on any given weekend that we played this as well.

Those were the days. We each went to a different elementary school so we only saw each other at church and that made our weekends more special. We’ve all gone our separate ways now. Christi became a school teacher and as far as I know has never married. I studied Journalism in college and still work at the university. Pat is the mother of four, two her own and two step-children.  I have seen Christi a few times over the years. Pat and I regained contact this past year on Facebook.

Do you have friends that you grew up with that you are still in contact with?

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