Play Date Saturdays

Today I am going to the Memorial Service for an author who was a member of the Smoky Mountain Romance Writers when we first organized in 1997. Jane Bierce passed away at the end of April after an illness that she was unable to recover from. It is hard to believe that Jane is gone even though she had not been a member of the chapter for several years having left Romance Writers of America, our parent organization. Jane was an innovator. She knew in the late 90s that electronic publication was the future for book publishing. Most of us thought she was crazy, but we have since drank the cool-aid and joined the electronic revolution. She will be missed.

Besides paying tribute to my fellow writer today, I will be meeting up with other Smoky Mountain Romance Writers because this is the second Saturday of the month. I won’t get to attend the meeting, but I hope to eat lunch with those who did not go to the memorial (we have many members who never got the chance to meet Jane). We are also doing something today we don’t usually do. We are going to the movies. Can you guess what we are going to see? I’ll give you a hint: DS with DP. If you can figure it out leave a comment.

I hope everyone has a great day!

One thought on “Play Date Saturdays

  1. Since I was out of town, I didn’t get to the memorial service for Jane. What a loving, sweet lady! She will be missed.
    As for the movie, I want to see it. Love JD, and DS was one of the shows I didn’t get on TV when I was a child and envied everyone who got to watch Quinten.

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