Play Date Saturday

Today is another exciting Saturday. My son is getting a hair cut whether he likes it or not. I’m meeting up with two of my writing friends and we’re going to compare promo items we’ve ordered and make some decisions on an upcoming book signing.

Then and this is the most exciting part. I’m throwing a small retirement party for my mom. Today is her last day at work. It isn’t going to be big, but all she knows is I’m coming to her house to cook dinner because I need to use her grill. Of course I had to tell her what I was fixing and why I needed to use her grill (easy enough since I have a mini George Foreman® that is good for one or two people). The big question is whether I can sneak the cake into the house without her seeing it. Of course she may think something is up when my brother shows up out of the blue. (Sister-in-law & niece are going to a wedding and nephew has a date so he might not get to come.) But I know she’ll be pleased.

So if you see my mom today, don’t mention this. Mums the word. 😉


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