Sunday Sundaes

Blooming Tiger Lilies along the roadside is something we normally don’t see here until the second Sunday in June. But we’ve had such a mild winter and early spring this year that the orange Tiger Lilies have bloomed.  Growing up, the second Sunday in June was Homecoming at the church where we went. For those who may have not grown up where churches did this let me explain. Homecoming was when the women cooked covered dishes. A visiting preacher would be called in to bring the service.   And singers from area churches would come for an afternoon of gospel singing.

The church where I grew up had a covered shed where we’d have lunch. Two long tables that ran the length of the shed held the food from fried chicken, chicken ‘n dumplings, pots of green beans, pinto beans, macaroni and cheese, pot roast, baked ham, dish after dish of deviled eggs, cole slaw, corn. Deserts upon deserts like strawberry pies, coconut cakes, chocolate cakes, chocolate pies, coconut pies, stacked fruit cakes, and the list would go on. As a child it seemed like we would eat forever and there would still be food left over to eat again. I know we’d take over enough food to have left overs.

This day also would mark when we would turn on our air conditioner for the first time because it had finally gotten hot enough to need it. We didn’t have central heat and air in the house at that time. We had a window air conditioner unit in the living room that dripped water into a bucket outside on our covered front porch. Thank goodness this changed and we got central heat and air. I’m so thankful for that.

Today it was as hot as a Sunday in June and it isn’t even the end of May yet. We’ve had our air conditioner on all month.  I guess this is another reason the Tiger Lilies are already in bloom.

One thought on “Sunday Sundaes

  1. I am so glad you explained how you knew exactly when the Tiger Lilies bloom! I was wondering if you were “The Flower Whisperer.” Mine are gorgeous, and I think I must have at least a thousand. I didn’t plant them, of course. The previous owner did, but I am going to have thin them out. Now I’m tempted to go count them…I hadn’t heard of a Church having a Homecoming. Pretty neat.

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