Rumor Has It Wednesday

Actor Sherman Hemsley, known best as George Jefferson  passed away on Tuesday in El Paso, TX. He was 74.

Historical Author Karen Hawkins was on her way to RWA2012. She won big money during a layover at the Vegas airport. Will this little escapade make it into a future book? Hmmm… maybe a new contemporary?  Only time will tell.

Holy Toledo Batman!  Reports are in that a British hotel, the Damson Dene Hotel (formerly owned by a Methodist group 10 years ago) in the United Kingdom has replaced in-room copies of the Gideon Bible with copies of Fifty Shades of Grey. Reasons for this? The owner thought it inappropriate to distribute Bibles in today’s secular society and since everyone is talking about the book, the hotel manager said some people are too shy to buy the book for themselves so he thought it a special treat for the guests.   Hmmm… how long will this last? Reports say that the hotel is getting bad press for the move and a vicar predicts the Bible will be back in the rooms soon.

And speaking of Batman, Actor Christian Bale visits shooting victims in Aurora, Colorado.

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