What are you Reading Thursday

In a few short weeks I hope you will be reading the following book when it is released. I’m so excited to be able to unveil my newest cover to you.  The Good Luck Spell is the second book in The Good Luck Series. I’ve enjoyed creating these stories and I hope you are or will enjoy reading them.

Jama Wright is a workaholic. The last thing she wants is to be given the responsibility of taking care of her new sister-in-law Keely’s overweight bloodhound, Duke, while Keely and Jama’s brother, Darren, are on their honeymoon. Jama agrees on the condition that Darren covers for her at her ad agency later that summer so she can take a much needed, overdue vacation. When given a good luck charm, Jama doesn’t want to buy into its acclaimed powers, but she’s superstitious enough that she doesn’t want to mess with fate. Little does she know that Duke will be become ill and she’ll meet the one guy that could change her outlook on life forever.

Kyle Landers is a carefree guy. He loves working with animals and that’s why he became a veterinarian. When he gets an emergency call about his patient Duke, he immediately goes to check on the overweight bloodhound. Meeting the dog’s temporary caregiver, Jama, he finds himself attracted to her, despite his resolve to avoid entanglements with beautiful women. His former relationship with Carol had proved women in pretty packages weren’t to be trusted. Can he overcome the memories of Carol’s manipulation? And if he can, will Jama prove she’s nothing like Carol?

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