What Are You Reading Thursday

Traveling today so I'm not reading. Heading to Atlanta for a weekend get-a-way. My son picked up a new book at the school library this morning and when I left him he was already on page 128. He's turning into a voracious reader. He's anxiously awaiting the release of book #5 in the Inheritance Cycle.… Continue reading What Are You Reading Thursday

Rumor Has It Wednesday

The Volunteer football team will play their opening game this Friday night in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA against North Carolina State.  Go Vols!! Brenda Novak has just released her first Whiskey Creek Series book When Lightning Strikes. She has also opened up the Whiskey Creek store on her website where readers can purchase… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesday

What are you Reading Thursday

In a few short weeks I hope you will be reading the following book when it is released. I'm so excited to be able to unveil my newest cover to you.  The Good Luck Spell is the second book in The Good Luck Series. I've enjoyed creating these stories and I hope you are or… Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday

Sunday Sundaes

Home from Romfest 2012 This post is going to veer from my normal topic of Sunday memories from my youth. I'd like to talk about what fun was had the last few days. This was a first conference, but it was great. The variety of people that came contributed I believe. We learned a little… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

The Monday before…

This is the Monday before Summer officially begins. It is also the Monday before ROMFEST!!!!  All the authors are excited and counting down the days until we'll be in Gatlinburg, Tenn. for this event. I've been preparing for the last few weeks and taking care of errands to put together my basket for the give-a-way.… Continue reading The Monday before…

What Are You Reading Thursdays

I got my Maggie Unpublished entries to judge yesterday so I've been reading on those. Can't say anymore than that. Not even what category I am judging. Sorry to be so secretive. I begin my vacation tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to post from Romfest what I have been reading. Oh, I did… Continue reading What Are You Reading Thursdays

Recipe Tuesdays

Lemonade Icees I first had something similar in 1989 when I went to the beach. They had a guy who came onto the beach selling these. It was called a Lemon Quench I think. I've since seen something similar at Dollywood. So you might have similar remembrances of these. Ingredients: ice water Country Time® Lemonade… Continue reading Recipe Tuesdays

What are You Reading Thursdays

I'm gearing up to reread Dealing with Denver by Carolynn Carey. Why will I be rereading this book? Because it is a free download over at Amazon April 20-22. I have the paperback version, but I plan to download the electronic version for the absolute darling new cover that has been added. Dealing with Denver… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursdays