Sunday Sundaes

We had another baptizing today at church. Actually we had one during the morning and one during the evening services. It makes for a nice service when we have those. Of course, baptizings take me back to when I was little and we would gather on the creek bank in a pasturefield. The cattle were either fenced off from where the cars parked or they were left to roam. I recall a time when a few wandered into the gathering as we sang hymns. And cows beign cows, they had no qualms about relieving themselves in our presence.

I remember finding to my dismay that I had lost one of my favorite earrings after a baptizing. My mom asked me later why I didn’t just drive down and look for it. I guess I could have, but my thoughts were it had probably been run over by one of the cars and squished deep into the field. It wouldn’t have been easy to find since it was gold edged and brown. I still have the other one in my jewelry box. Can’t bear to part with it. I think I must be hoping to magically find another pair like it.

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