Rainy Rainy Labor Day

The rain set in early evening yesterday and has continued off and on since then. We’ve had shower after shower today and it isn’t even noon yet.  A lovely day to sleep in if you can, but a writer must not lay in bed when there are pages waiting to be written. That is my task or goal for the day. To write and break through this block wall that I keep coming up against.

Normally we have Boomsday fireworks show on Labor Day, but for the last two or three years (I don’t think it has been longer) they have moved it to Sunday night. We marked the 25th anniversary of it this year and the display last night was wonderful.  I watched it on television. I find it better to watch at home than to go to the waterfront. It is too loud and the smoke from the explosives is too thick for my liking. It keeps you from being able to see the fireworks clearly. Plus the aerial view of the television cameras gives you a better advantage point that you couldn’t see if you were there in person.

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