Play Date Saturday

SMRW met at the Fountain City Library today. Our first meeting there and a wonderful location. We had a nice workshop on VOICE given by Kate McKeever. Then we had lunch at a local place, Litton’s.

It began raining while we were meeting and then it began to pour while we had lunch. he rain has let up now and I think I might be able to get my rain phobia shi tzu to go out finally. Maybe it means that kickoff at 4 p.m. will be dry like the weatherman predicted last night. I hope so. Nothing is worse than  being at a football in the rain. Though it can be fun too. I recall my college days wearing a poncho while it rained watching the team play against Arkansas. The razorback mascot was so cute to watch as it danced around on the sidelines. We won the game that year.

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