It’s Raining Mondays

Yes it is Monday and yes it is raining. Ugh! I know we need the rain to wash away all the bad ragweed and goldenrod pollen and any old field dust that gets in the air from all the hay that is being cut because it is haying season again. But the rain and the dark and the standing water that makes driving so difficult is not fun.

My mom went to a graveside funeral today in the rain. She said she got soaked even through her large tiered umbrella because the water was seeping through it was raining so hard. Now I have spoken to a friend who is soaked from being stuck out in the rain tonight so it sounds like much unpleasantness all around.

Yes we are wimps. We like the comfort of being dry too much. Even my Shi tzu would give you a big AMEN to that is she could speak. She wont even attempt to step one paw out of doors unless she feels it is dry enough to deem worthy of her presence.

Here is hoping to a better Tuesday. If not, maybe I can find a nice comfort food recipe to share to make us feel better.

Stay dry if you can!

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