Play Date Saturday

Today is being spent preparing for our annual Thanksgiving dinner at church. I am going to the store to buy items that I’ll need to for the delicious dishes I’ll make. My mom is  making her famous coleslaw, deviled eggs, and green beans. I’m making a dessert, but not sure if I’m making a broccoli casserole or something else.

I’m also putting away the Halloween decorations and putting out the fall/Thanksgiving decorations. Those will be short lived since I’ll probably start decorating for Christmas in about two weeks. But I need a buffer between Halloween and Christmas. We must not forget the season of Thanksgiving. It is more than just getting together and stuffing ourselves. It is a time of rejoicing for the bounty that God has blessed us with throughout the year. We take it for granted to easily.

Enjoy your day!  And Go Big Orange! May you win the Homecoming game today.

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