Guest Author Monday

Please welcome with me our Guest Author -- Dianne Venetta Introducing Ladd Springs, my new mystery/romance series set in the eastern Tennessee mountains! Five books in all, the explosive finale releases later this month! Now I realize we’re pulling up on the holiday season and for most that means baking cookies, fruitcakes or anything with… Continue reading Guest Author Monday

Random Thoughts Tuesday

When cooking baked potatoes in the microwave it helps to actually set it to cook for 10 minutes instead of time defrost for 10 minutes.  Gotta be more careful of what I'm doing!Will we actually get snow before Thanksgiving this year?  Is the cold front moving in really going to bring snow with it?  Apparently… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday

Play Date Saturday

I had another day with migraine symptoms. I did two loads of laundry and I made a cheese cake for tomorrow. My son listened for the oven to go off and then he opened the door to let it set inside for an hour like the recipe called because I fell asleep. Not a fun… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

Sunday Sundaes

Today I was home recouping from the shingles. All my weeks of practicing with the choir and I couldn't go sing because I couldn't risk passing it on to someone I might come in contact with (like those expecting, those who may never have had the chicken pox or those who have had the shingles… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Play Date Saturday

Today is being spent preparing for our annual Thanksgiving dinner at church. I am going to the store to buy items that I'll need to for the delicious dishes I'll make. My mom is  making her famous coleslaw, deviled eggs, and green beans. I'm making a dessert, but not sure if I'm making a broccoli casserole or something… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

A Misty Monday

It is raining here today. Not hard, just a light misty rain is falling. We saw a little of this yesterday. My mom called it good napping weather. And I did take advantage. But I can't nap today. I'm working. And there is lots to be done this week because I'm on vacation next. For… Continue reading A Misty Monday

Play Date Saturdays

Some Saturdays are a do nothing day. Or at least not a play date day. Some Saturdays you just stay home, do the necessary tasks for the week like laundry, dusting, vacuuming, putting away items that are not being used, making my son stay off the computer long enough to do a few chores around… Continue reading Play Date Saturdays