Monday after the end of Daylight Savings Time

Wow it was so good to wake up and have light coming in the windows again instead of pitch darkness. Then when I got ready to leave for work it was fully light out. I didn’t have to worry about my son standing out in the dark to catch the bus. The forecast today called for 59 degrees as the high. I’m sure it got that, but with the sun shining bright and the sky clear it made my office heat up really quickly. I think I opened my window by 9 a.m. today and I kept it open until I left work today.

One note I must make is the day seemed to drag by. Especially the afternoon. I kept imagining it was close to 3:30, yet when I checked it was only 1:30. The next check and it was a little after 2:30. Is this because of the change in time or was the day just dragging on? I was busy working so maybe that was the reason it seemed later than it was.

The compromise with having daylight in the morning is that it gets darker much earlier. It will take some getting use to and I’m sure I will be wanting to go to bed much earlier at first.

What was your day like?

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