Sunday Sundaes

As Eloise would say, it’s Christmas Eve Eve for goodness sake!

You do know who Eloise is don’t you? She’s this precocious child who lives as the Plaza Hotel in New York with her Nanny while her mother works in Paris, France. Eloise is Kay Thompson’s creation and I just love her.  I believe there is a few cartoons based on the books and even two movies. In 2003 Julie Andrews and Sophia Vassilieva starred in Eloise at Christmastime and Eloise at the Plaza.

But I digress. We are two days away from celebrating our Savior’s Birth. Is your Christmas tree all decorated? Are the presents wrapped in celebration with your family? Have you made your cookies or candy or  desserts for Tuesday? I’m baking a cheese cake tomorrow and making cookies.

It looks like snow and the wind is still blowing, making the ribbons on my wreaths flop and whirl. I think this calls for wrapping up in a warm blanket and watching Miracle on 34th Street.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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