What Are You Reading Thursday

Applications. Applications. Applications. It’s application time at my day job. I’m not reading them really. I’m processing them, creating a file, entering them into the database and then when they are complete sending them to the person that needs to read them. It is a very tiring time. I do little else during the first two weeks of the new year except work on applications. Not just for the doctoral program, but masters as well.

A few years ago this was a more stressful time, but since graduate admissions decided to make the application online  it has become more of a point, click, send to the printer job, than spending hours opening up envelopes. In fact, this year it has seemed so effortless to process them that I feel like something is wrong. That I’m not doing it right.

You might say what does this have to do with reading? Nothing except this is why I’m not reading right now. Or writing for that matter. I come home, eat dinner and veg out so I can get up and go back and do it all again. Deadline is next Tuesday and I have a feeling things will be even busier than they were this week.

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