Rumor Has It Wednesday

Downton Abbey Season 3 is now showing on PBS.

Amanda Brice is getting ready to do a 4th book in her current series. She says she has more news to share, but we will have to wait on that. Eager to hear.

Many Indie Authors are considering doing audiobooks. Sounds very promising. Not sure I will go that route at this time or not.

Carolynn Carey is hard at work on a new release. Will it be ready by Valentine’s?  Her readers can only hope for such a sweet treat.

2 thoughts on “Rumor Has It Wednesday

  1. I am a huge Downton Abbey fan, and happy that shooting of Season 4 will begin in February. I live in the US. Where can I purchase Amanda Brice’s series of books. Are the books based on the PBS series?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi. Amanda Brice writes Young Adult novels about dancers. Similar to the new ABC Family Series Bunheads. I’m sorry if my post made it sound like she writes about Downton Abbey. It is good to know they are already planning on shooting a 4th season. I will be anxious to see it.

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