Play Date Saturday

Woke early and began laundry with plans to take my son to Saturday school to make up some work. However, I was writing and looked out the window wondering why it was suddenly so foggy. To my surprise it wasn’t fog at all, but snow. It snowed and it snowed solid for almost an hour. I was worried about the road conditions and how much snow had fallen elsewhere. So I wasn’t sure about getting out, especially after what happened the last time it snowed and I slid into the driveway. Silly I’m sure, but I don’t know how much good luck I can have with that car where snow is concerned. I mean, I’ve been hit twice by other drivers since I got it and I never had an accident before. It is almost like this car is a little cursed.

Anyway, the snow fell and it melted. Then it started snowing again. The day seemed very long and I do not even know if the groundhog saw his shadow or not. I haven’t heard. I guess I’ll wait and see.

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