What Are You Reading Thursday

Verdict: Love (Tennessee Love Series)

VerdictLoveKendra Simms will do anything to help an animal, including stabbing a policeman with a carrot by accident. Unfortunately, her wild antics end her up in court after she saves a small pot-bellied pig from a hunter. Her prosecutor, Hugh Cramer, has seen her there before and finds her harmless even if she is a nuisance. But he learns that her treasured animal shelter is up against some very high-handed politicians out to ruin it. As the prosecuting attorney, it means destroying Kendra to get rid of the rescue and up their property values.

Hugh and Kendra want to be together after the farce of a lawsuit is dismissed, however, they are caught together by the press and their relationship is misconstrued purposefully so the public thinks they were illegally involved during the trial.

Hugh has been her prosecutor until this time but now wants to protect her. Kendra is used to fighting her own battles but would love Hugh by her side, that is if it doesn’t ruin the career he’s worked for all his life.

This is a delightful tale of humor, love, and a pot-bellied pig name Joey that concludes the Tennessee Love Series as was published by Avalon Books.  Amazon has released these for the Kindle and in paperback format.

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