Guest Author Monday

Please welcome our Guest Author -- Samna Ghani All Aboard by Samna Ghani About the Book “All Aboard” and the characters Violet Osborne is a successful lawyer and workaholic. Smart and proficient at what she does, Violet has committed her life defending women who have been abused or violated. Her quest for justice and her… Continue reading Guest Author Monday

Guest Author Monday

Please welcome with me today's author -- Denise Gwen Denise has a new release, Judging Rachel, that is now available at Soulmate Publishing. Rachel Levange is dreading the upcoming holidays, as it will mark the first season without her parents. Then, on top of all that, she gets involved in a car  and breaks her leg. Can… Continue reading Guest Author Monday

Guest Author Monday

Please welcome today's Guest Author -- May Williams “Take a left,” Bill said. My husband is a firm believer in a left turn. His theory is that in our right oriented world sometimes we have to correct by taking a left. If we get lost, we always hang a Louie. On this particular day about… Continue reading Guest Author Monday

Random Thoughts Friday

I've been awarded a cute little award called the Sunshine Award and so I'm taking today's blog post to share this with you. The Sunshine Award was bestowed on me by my good pal and fellow author Nicole McCaffrey. And I thank her for thinking of me when making her selection. The Sunshine Award is… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

What Are You Reading Thursday

Verdict: Love (Tennessee Love Series) Kendra Simms will do anything to help an animal, including stabbing a policeman with a carrot by accident. Unfortunately, her wild antics end her up in court after she saves a small pot-bellied pig from a hunter. Her prosecutor, Hugh Cramer, has seen her there before and finds her harmless… Continue reading What Are You Reading Thursday

Play Date Saturday

Today's post is coming live from the Cabin at the Crossing location where my writing group is having their annual retreat. So the play date is this. Getting together with 8 writers and writing. Imagine the quietness and the drumming of laptop keypads as ten x eight fingers are working frantically as the words flow… Continue reading Play Date Saturday