Play Date Saturday

I woke around 8 a.m. thinking the gray sky meant it had snowed over night, but when I looked out onto my deck I saw it hadn’t. It was just a gray start to the day. I got up and started laundry before settling in with a cold bottle of water and began to write. I finished chapter 7 and worked on 8 making progress toward reaching the 40K mark. I think the story is really coming together finally and I couldn’t be happier. I have a feeling it will be longer than Spell and that one was much longer than Charm.

After writing all day I got ready to go to a dinner party at a college friends house. We had Chili with all the fixings (corn chips, cheddar cheese, sour cream, chopped green onions) which was great considering the temp was dropping and we were getting blizzard like snow and wind. But no accumulation. It was a dry snow and what lay didn’t really stick to the ground.

All in all it made for a really nice Saturday. I’m hoping by next week I can say I’m almost finished with Potion. Keeping my fingers crossed that my muse will continue to cooperate and the words will continue to flow.

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