Recipe Tuesday

Cream Cheese!

Do you know how many recipes you can make with cream cheese? Hundreds. And isn’t it an ingredient you love to use? Sure it is a mild cheese high in fat content, but do we really think about that when we are eating?  I doubt we do. I know I don’t. I’ve recently found a favorite breakfast of cream cheese spread on graham crackers.

An easy dip that I’m sure you’ve made or even had at a party is nothing more than a softened package of cream cheese  spread into a dish then covered with salsa and shredded cheddar cheese with a dallop of sour cream in the middle. Served with tortilla chips or large scoop corn chips. Or what about opening a block of cream cheese and pouring a pepper jelly over it, or raspberry jam and serving it with crackers?

Cream Cheese is an item I dare say you can do about anything with and it will still taste great.

So instead of giving you a recipe this week I’d like to give you an assignment. Go out and find a new recipe of your own that uses cream cheese and try it. I’d love for you to share it with me and my other readers if you care to comment.

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