What Are You Reading Thursday?

A metro map is not that easy to follow if you are not used to riding the metro and trying to figure out where you are going isn’t that easy either. I thought I was a pro at it until this visit. My fault. I normally print off my own copy to carry with me and have it figured out before I come to DC. Not this time. Wrong move on my part. My son will tell you we headed in the wrong direction more than once. Changed from blue to red, but went in the wrong direction and landed at Metro Center instead of Union Station. I was going to take him to the food court to eat. We ended up at a McDonalds on 13th near Pennsylvania Avenue instead. I did get to go into Macy’s for a few minutes before he started complaining we were there to sight see instead of shop.

Our second trip into DC by metro wasn’t as difficult. I did find a pocket size metro map to carry with us, but we still didn’t make it to Union Station. My son jumped on the yellow line and the doors closed in my face. We were separated, but I said for him to get off at the next stop and I’d meet him. Luckily the man on the car understood and told him what I said. That was scary, but he was ready to come back to our hotel after that. Oh well. We had a good time anyway.


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