Sunday Sundaes


My wish is for all mothers to have a wonderful blessed day with their children. My teen son felt his gift to me was not causing any problems for the day and allowing me to take a nap. After the last week I guess that is a plus since he has been in trouble three times for different things. I fear this is the beginning of my woes for the next few years. Heaven help me! 🙂

I spent a nice day with my mom. We went to church, sang in the choir together, came home to have a wonderful dinner. Then we had fresh strawberries sliced in a glaze with the cheese cake she had me make. I’m happy to report that the sour cream helped the cheese cake stay together when it was sliced. After lunch we watched a Hallmark movie together before I had to go take care of an issue with my internet (having to have a tech come out on Friday to check the cable line).

It was a nice day and I did get a little nap. I hope you had a great day as well.

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