Recipe Tuesday

Summer is the time for salads. Why? Because it is hot and I don’t know about you, but when I’m hot I don’t want to eat a heavy meal. Not that a salad can’t be loaded down with ingredients to make it heavy in calories, it can, but mostly a salad will leave you feeling satisfied, but not stuffed.

I’ve been eating a lot of salads lately. I’ve been taking them for lunch, I’ve been getting them as sides with a meal or even at fast food. Arby’s now offers a side salad substitute for their fries and it is only 20 cents more. Frankly I’ll pay that difference just to have a choice for something other than fries all the time.

I know this is Recipe Tuesday and I’m talking salads, but here is a quick entree salad idea that is great for lunch or dinner:


  • mixed salad greens
  • red, orange, and yellow bell peppers chunked
  • 1/2 boiled egg sliced
  • sweet onion
  • shredded cheese (whatever kind you prefer)
  • black forest ham
  • pineapple chunks
  • ranch dressing (or whatever you like)
  • a slice or two of Italian bread (depending on the size of the loaf)

Throw these ingredients in a bowl or on a plate and drizzle with your favorite dressing.



2 thoughts on “Recipe Tuesday

  1. Here’s a hint about salads too- for those of us who are trying to diet and are,shall we say parsimonious? I take some fixings that I can grab from my cabinet or fridge (such as leftover protein) and then stop at McDonalds for a dollar menu side salad. Surprisingly it has some different greens in it. Drizzle with the dressing and viola, an inexpensive and diet friendly lunch!

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