Play Date Saturday

Today was jam packed with activities. First I had my monthly meeting of the Smoky Mountain Romance Writers. We did planning for the upcoming year and events that will happen by this time next year. It was a productive meeting. Then I had to do grocery shopping. Not sure why if you go in with a list of items it can take over an hour to come out of the store. I knew where everything was and I didn’t have to hunt for anything  and it wasn’t that crowded so I wasn’t having to wait to go down isles for others to move on.

Once I got home I had to go to my mom’s to help her put a subwoofer on her flat screen TV. Well I have seen directions for setting things up before but whoever wrote that user’s guide must have written it with invisible ink because there was so much missing. We ended up packing it back in the box and she is going to return it because her TV didn’t sound any louder.  So that was a waste of time.

I finally got to sit down to write around 5 p.m. Was reading through the pages I wrote on Friday and tweaking a little when all of a sudden I had an update want to be installed so I said yes. WRONG MOVE. It caused my word program to shut down. What I thought was a system update wasn’t. It was a trojan. A trojan that I got because a friend sent me something to print for her. I couldn’t get my anti-virus software to open. So I spent the next hour trying to remove the infected files from my computer before I could get back to my writing. I had to start over with my reading and tweaking because when the program shut down it did not save anything I had been doing.

By this time it was dinner time so I had to fix something before the bottomless pit began complaining. And once that was taken care of writing seemed impossible for the day.  Maybe I’ll have better luck with it tomorrow.

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