Sunday Sundaes

Tiger Lilies are in bloom. Have you seen them along the side of the roads?  The orange blossoms are so distinctive among the tall weeds. I always enjoy this time of the year when they bloom because it reminds me of the time I was writing a manuscript I entitled Tiger Lilies. An agent and an editor both told me that story lacked what it needs to be publishable. Maybe so, but I enjoyed writing it. And I do want to revise it and try to make it publishable one day.

At church we had a very good Sunday School class today. I missed part one of this lesson last week when I was home sick with a virus. But the section we studied today was good. Our mission team finally made it to Brazil. Their luggage is still enroute. Please prayer for their week in Rio that they will see many at the clinic they set up. Not sure if they are providing medical or dental services this time. Sometimes they do vision.

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