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Please help me welcome our Guest Author today — Shar Dimick!

Think back to when you a younger you. Back to when you first started dating. Were you confident and at ease with boys or shy and timid? Were you the popular girl that always knew just the right thing to say to the cutest boy in school or were you the geeky girl that fumbled over her words and stayed home eating ice cream for the prom? Somewhere in between?  Unfortunately, I leaned toward the geeky girl that second-guessed myself a lot and spent more nights with my books than on hot dates. What if you could go back to that time with the knowledge and confidence you have now? Would you? I’d at least consider it! Writing books gives me the power to do that with my characters though, which to me is the next best thing. Readers often wonder if I base the characters on myself or someone I know. I too have wondered the same thing of many of the books I’ve read too. I admit there is a part of me in each of the characters I’ve written so far, but my heroines come out of their shells and do the things I only dreamed about doing at their age.

takeadeepbreath-coverartsmTake A Deep Breath, the first in my Lake of the Pines series, focuses on Liv. She’s struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for most of her adult life. She hates how she lets the panic take over her life and knows how to beat it, but sometimes feels like just giving up. She and her young daughter retreat to her grandmother’s cottage for the summer. Liv recently divorced her verbally-abusive husband and needs to heal and find herself again. His words and attitude toward her anxiety and panic ate away at herself confidence. In the midst of a panic-attack she comes face-to-face with her childhood best friend and secret crush of long ago, Cameron Preston. Cam once again becomes Liv’s best friend. He recognizes her anxiety and helps her through it without making her feel crazy or less than normal. Like the summers past, Liv wants to turn their relationship into something more, but isn’t sure Cam feels the same way. When she realizes he does, Liv’s not sure if she’s ready to give love a second chance. Cam, however, isn’t about to let her get away a second time.

Maddy is Liv’s younger sister. Take Your Time finds Maddy at Lake of the Pines for one of her sister’s weddings. Maddy hopes to be a professional photographer now that she take yourtime-coverart-smgraduated from college. A shy girl, she focused on studying and taking pictures than on dating. Maddy always felt like the “ugly duckling” of the family and doesn’t think she’ll ever find love. While taking photographs on the beach of her niece and nephew, Maddy’s lens lands on the handsome face of Mason Ellis. Intrigued by the young woman seemingly snapping his photo, Mason can’t believe his luck when he runs into her later. Maddy can’t believe a man as attractive as Mason really wants to go on a date for her. She assumes he’s either joking or wanting a quick hookup and blows him off.  The two continually cross paths, each time Maddy embarrasses herself and puts Mason off.  In the meantime, Maddy’s roommate convinces Maddy into  going on a blind date with her older brother. What happens when Maddy’s blind date turns into the hot mystery guy she’s been running into all week? Does she run and hide or throw caution aside and take a chance on love?

The third book in the series, Take My Hand, will be out this fall and features middle sister, Jen.

Author Bio:

shardimick authorphotoShar Dimick started writing stories and poems as a grade-schooler. Her passion for writing continues to grow. Whether writing, a blog entry, a software manual or a chapter in her next novel, not a day goes by where she isn’t writing something. Cousin to her love for writing, Shar’s also an avid reader of romance novels from contemporary to historical. Drawn to the genre from an early age, it seemed natural that her first novel, Take a Deep Breath, be a contemporary romance. Many readers emailed Shar how much they enjoyed Take a Deep Breath and asked for more. Writing in the early mornings and late evenings with a push from the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), she pushed ahead and wrote her next novel, Take Your Time, the second book in what is now the “Lake of the Pines” series. She is currently at work on the third book, Take My Hand.

Shar holds a Master of Arts in English from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. Shar, her husband and their daughters live in rural Northwest Ohio.


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Thanks Shar for dropping by. We wish you much success with your writing!

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