Rumor Has It Wednesday

Kim Law is burning up the Amazon Best Sellers lists with her January release Ex on the Beach.  At the time of this posting it is #44 in Paid Kindle Store, #4 in Family Life, #6 in Domestic Life, and #7 in Women’s Fiction. I was lucky enough to get a print copy at Romfest and I’m already reading it. Look for more info on it in my Thursday post- What are You Reading.

The Washington National Zoo had an escapee over the weekend. Rusty the red panda who had only been on exhibit for the last three weeks got out Sunday and was found in a nearby neighborhood on Monday. He was last seen by the animal care staff around 6 p.m. Sunday and was discovered missing around 8 a.m. Monday morning. The zoo explored several possibilities for his disappearance, even abduction, but no foul play appeared to be involved. The DC zoo plans to mate Rusty with a female red panda.

New Jersey is about to be hit with more natural disasters it seems. Earlier this month the 6 foot waves that crashed to shore were categorized as a meteotsunami caused by strong winds  and now a swarm of Tiger Mosquitoes are about to invade the state due to recent rainy days. These tiger mosquitoes are a potentially deadly breed because they are very aggressive, blood sucking insects.  So be on the lookout for this black and white striped legged and small black and white striped bodied insect.



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