What are You Reading Thursday

I’ve begun reading Ex on the Beach by Kim Law. I received the book in the goody bag at Romfest. It is a fun, easy read and I’m enjoying it. This is my first book by Kim Law, but I bought her other two books Caught on Camera and Sugar Springs while at Romfest so I’m anxious to get to them.

I finally took my mom to Edward McKays. She took her book list for Debbie Macomber that I printed off for her and she bought 48 books. Now try to hide that many books from my dad so he wouldn’t know what she did! It wasn’t easy. Luckily we were able to put them in a Belk shopping bag and put another bag on top so he couldn’t see what she was bringing into the house. She got almost all of the Cedar Cove books which is what she was most interested in reading before the series starts in July.


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