Sunday Sundaes

Today I had the best ice cream I think I’ve ever tasted. It was Key Lime Pie. It wasn’t just ice cream. It had chunks of graham cracker crust and white spots that was supposed to be the meringue or whipped topping that sometimes garnishes the pie. My taste buds honestly thought I was eating the pie and not having the light ice cream (as opposed to eating the rich and heavy pie). What a summer treat! It is August and the heat level is rising. The humidity is getting thick as we near the mid-point of summer.

School begins tomorrow for the kids. It is about the same time as the last few years, but for some reason summer vacation doesn’t feel nearly long enough for me. My son on the other hand is looking forward to returning tomorrow. I hope this is a foreshadowing of a good school year. I know when I was young and in school I did look forward to the first day of whatever grade I was going to. It was a fun time. An exciting time to see your friends again. One more year of middle school for my son and then it is hopefully off to high school.

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