Guest Author Monday

Please welcome with me today our Guest Author — H.A. Somerled

My Inspiration

“Don’t make me a nice old lady,” My neighbor at the farmer’s market said as she looked over my shoulder.  “I wanna be the bitch with the jelly.”

Sharon cackles when she laughs, she’d make a good witch.  Taking advantage of the lull in customers, she buzzed over to my stall to see what I was writing.

I am rarely without a notebook and a pen to write down ideas, characters, and random quotes I hear in the most unusual places.

I tell Sharon I’ve written a short story before, using one of our fellow vendors as a character, woman named Betty.  Betty is a soft spoken older woman.  Her diminutive stature and soft-spoken nature reminds me of the kind nuns I knew when I went to Catholic elementary school.

Betty makes these fabulous cards, threading shiny metallic thread into card stock.  If you hold them in the light, it’s as though the dragonflies and birds fly off the paper; their wings shimmering and fluttering off the paper.

I find inspiration for characters everywhere.  At the farmer’s market where I have met Sharon and Betty, and the eclectic mix of customers.  The sorority where I cook the rest of the year is a great place to pick up the modern vernacular, also the mall and coffee shops where people say the most private and interesting things without realizing that anyone can hear them.

I’ve also put family members and friends into my stories.  When I mention to people that I have written a book, I like to watch their expressions change from “Wow, you wrote a book.” to  “What have I done around her that she would write about.”  Recently, I had a good laugh when the sorority girls came up with the theory that I wrote a tell-all book about them.  The housemother had to explain that, even though they might have a hard time believing it, not everything is about them.  (Of course, I would have rather have let the rumor go – it might sell more books!)

Sharon will end up in one of my stories, as will versions of the sorority girls, the tweens at the mall, and the hipsters at the coffee shops.  It’s just how it goes.  So when you read a story and get that familiar feeling that you’ve been there, or you identify with a character, maybe you have been fallen muse to a writer, too.

hasomerledH. A. Somerled’s first published story, Angel’s Code, will be released around the end of August or beginning of September.  She lives in Missoula, Montana with her two dogs, a puggle named Fritter and a pug named Flapjack.  She considers herself lucky to be single and claims to be half the age she really is.

Somerled is a graduate of the Colorado Institute of Art and the Long Ridge Writer’s Group.

She can be found at:

On Twitter: @hasomerled

And of course, every Saturday at the Florence Farmer’s Market from June till October.

Thanks for dropping by today and sharing with us. We look forward to Angel’s Code.

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