Today’s post is not about characters in my books. It is about who authors write about as heroes and why readers love them. Because let’s face it, do the men we know on a day to day basis ever measure up to the men writers portray as heroes in their books? I doubt anyone is jumping up and down waving their arm in the air to be called upon to say that they do. If you are count yourself among the blessed.  Grab that man and hold on to him tight.

In historical romances you will find a hero to be a duke, a marquis, a viscount, an earl, a gunfighter, a lawman, a pirate, a scoundrel and most times these chaps are rogues and if they are a pirate then they are definitely a rake. That is until he meets the one woman that is going to rock his world and change him with her love. Right?

And what about contemporary romances the heroes in those are either millionaires, playboys, badboys, tycoons. Again they are rogues and rakes in modern times until they meet the right woman.

What makes these men so appealing to readers? It’s because it is fiction and a fantasy. It’s exciting to read about these men, these situations, and to write about them.



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