What are You Reading Thursday?

I began a new book this week. The Seduction of a Duke by Donna MacMeans. It isn’t a new release. I picked it up at the Lori Foster Author Reader Get Together in 2010 where I met Donna. She signed the book for me. I began reading the first few pages while I was there, but that was all I did, came home and got busy doing other things. I really have been remiss about reading for the last few years. But now I see I need to keep reading as a writer to fuel my creative mind, especially since it is being plagued by migraines so often anymore.  So I began at the beginning, wearing my spiffy reading glasses and I’m almost 100 pages into it. 

What is this one about? An American heiress whose mama wants her daughter to have a title arranges a  marriage for her with a Duke. Francesca is well past the marrying age and would be considered a spinster by English terms at the age of 26. Her true love is in translating foreign fairy tales and she desires to not be put on display for others to gawk at. But her mother wants more for her and thus she is married to a down on his luck duke and sent to live in England.

The duke is a widower and is forced to replenish the family coffers because his father gambled the fortune away before his death. Deciding after his own cheating wife’s death not the remarry William is reluctant to agree to the terms of the marriage, but because of his sense of duty and responsibility to his family’s name he agrees to go to America and marry this woman. When Francesca clutches her stomach wearing the wedding gown, he mistakes her for being with child and believes that is why the wedding was rushed. Thus he refuses to consummate the marriage until he sees signs of the child and knows it is not his.

Sounds interesting doesn’t it?  I’m anxious to finish reading it to find out how she convinces him she isn’t pregnant, since she is a virgin. Because her father made William agree to send her and any children back to America to be educated and her father told her to quickly become with child so she could come back to him. 

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