Guest Author Monday

Today, please welcome with me our Guest Author — Kate McKeever

Why Write or Read Romance?

When they learn I write romance, several of my friends have asked my why. And asked why read romance. After all, they argue, romance books are unrealistic, they are trite and give people the wrong idea about romance.

I disagree. For me, reading and writing romance is about the essence of romance.

According to the Romance Writers of America website, romances top the lists of best sellers for all the best selling lists. Additionally, over one billion dollars (that’s right billion with a b) sold in the year 2012. That’s a lot of books and a lot of happy endings.

Romance has changed in the past fifty years or so. Now, there are inspirational romances, romances that are considered “romantic” or erotica. Romances with happily ever after endings and those with endings that present more issues for the future. And all of them are being read voraciously.

Romances have a very clear function. They help you escape the world of laundry, too tight budgets and humdrum jobs for locations that are exotic or urban, fantastical or dark and dangerous. And most of all, the romances that I devour are those that have a strong woman and a strong, alpha hero.  The books I love to read present with strong, almost instant attraction between a man and a woman then put them in danger or present them with many obstacles, all of which they overcome. In the end, one huge obstacle is overcome and they find that together, they can face anything.

Isn’t that what we all want in a relationship? And is that unrealistic? If so, then I suppose I’ll live in my fantasy world. But I’ve seen that occur in my life. Couples that I admire and know well have been faced with health issues, financial crises and even separation for long periods of time and yet, together, they are stronger and face their problems with courage and love.

So, for me, writing and reading romances isn’t all about escaping. It’s about reinforcing that one thing is more important than anything in the end. Love and its accompanying hurdles are, in the end, what motivates ninety percent of the population, after all.

In the end, I can’t think of any better way to spend my time than to write stories of love and courage, of overcoming it all for that one person that you are meant to be with.

CADENS FINAL croppedFate Halligan is a Death Maiden, a woman who has spent her life training to help souls journey from life to the next level of existence. She finds this vocation at risk when her life is threatened and she must turn to a man she has been taught to view with caution. Caden Greene is a Soldier of Light, a man who will risk his life and more to save dying souls from being stolen and used for evil by the Obsidian Guard. When Caden and Fate join forces they must make decisions about their lives and the future of the very world they have faithfully served.


me 3 editedThe essential Kate McKeever is a dreamer, paranormal romance writer, and voracious reader.

She started writing at a young age, like all writers, but decided to break into romance writing when she joined her local Romance Writers of America chapter. She published two sweet romances  with a New York publisher and now has turned her attention to her first love, paranormal romance.

Kate grew up in the mountains of the southern highlands. After college, several tries at different careers and a lot of soul searching, she has returned to her first passion, writing. You’ll find her in front of her computer most evenings, surrounded by her pets, a calico tabby who is convinced she is queen of the keyboard, a spirited black kitten and a terrier mix whose love of rawhide bones is only surpassed by that of Kate’s  books, with ketchup! You’re also likely to find the remains of coffee and chocolate.

Kate’s books include The Single Life and The Single File, by Montlake Books, Caden’s Fate by Crescent Moon Press; as well as a Careful What You Wish For, a Christmas short story on Look for another Christmas story this season.

You can visit Kate at her website,

Thanks Kate for joining us today. Please feel free to drop by again and share more of your wonderful stories.

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