Play Date Saturday

I'm spending the first half of my day at the Maynardville Public Library for their Author Meet and Greet. Kalyn Cooper, Kate McKeever, TG Franklin, Andrea Renee Smith, JK Ensley, Lexi Witcher, Brandi Kennedy and myself were there in full force with out books, table displays and smiles to meet the patrons of the library… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

What are You Reading Thursday?

I read the cutest story by Kate McKeever this week. It is a short Christmas story. Did I mention it was short? Less than 20K. But it has a very good plot of folks coming together during a hard situation and surviving. Trusting in your fellow man and finding the start of friendship and possibly… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday?

Play Date Saturday

It's swagapalooza!!!  We're (the Jammin' Authors) crafting this weekend. Making give-away goodies. I learned to do origami business card holders. Made magnets, necklaces, and still have bookmarks to go. Sure I'm not participating in the July 24th Author Jam, but I still have events coming up that I need swag to giveaway. Who'll be at… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

My Writing Process Blog Hop

I was asked to take part in the blog hop by historical and mystery author as well as cover designer Christy Carlyle. Her debut novella, Scandalous Wager, a white chapel wagers novella, was released last month and is getting reviews that proclaim it "Mouthwateringly good" and "An atmospheric tale full of passion". You can find… Continue reading My Writing Process Blog Hop


Today we have a guest post from author Kate McKeever The Anti-Hero                 As I go through my book shelf, I’m finding something interesting. Most of my “keeper” books have one thing in common. The anti-hero.  And if I go through my favorite movies and tv series, it’s even more obvious. Take Nathan Fillion, for… Continue reading TGIF…Heroes

Guest Author Monday

Today, please welcome with me our Guest Author -- Kate McKeever Why Write or Read Romance? When they learn I write romance, several of my friends have asked my why. And asked why read romance. After all, they argue, romance books are unrealistic, they are trite and give people the wrong idea about romance. I… Continue reading Guest Author Monday