Guest Author Monday

Please welcome today’s Guest Author — Carolynn Carey

Thank you, Leanne, for letting me visit today. This is an especially exciting day for me. Today is release day for a Christmas anthology entitled Bells Will Be Ringing, published by Crimson Romance, and one of my short stories appears in the anthology.

Cover for Carey's story “Merry’s Wonderful Christmas Gift,” is set in a small village in England in 1817. My heroine, Merry Damonson, struggles to enjoy the Christmas season, which isn’t easy because she was jilted by her almost fiancé the previous Christmas when he inherited an earldom and promptly deserted their village for his new manor house. She’s been trying ever since to forget him, but then she learns he’s returning to their village to celebrate Christmas.

Considering that he lives next door, naturally they soon meet again, and when they discover that their love is as strong as ever, they must decide if they can overcome the misunderstandings of the past and trust each other in the future.

The anthology also contains three contemporary Christmas stories. In the first, “Her Secret Santa” by Monica Tillery, the heroine Rebecca Sinclair has been best friends with Ben Redding since grad school. Now they’re neighbors and coworkers at Morgan Confectioners. Will they be able to get past their fears of ruining their friendship when they discover that their feelings are more than just friendly? Maybe a holiday gift exchange can provide the answer.

Diana Jean is author of another contemporary story, “His Hawaiian Christmas,” in which the heroine, who’s from Wisconsin, is transferred to Hawaii and misses her usual cold-weather Christmas until an especially annoying coworker introduces her to a Hawaiian Christmas.

Finally, Angelita Gill’s “Gavin Fever” rounds out the anthology. Expecting to spend the holidays with friends, Julia Winthrop arrives at a remote mountain cabin during a snowstorm and finds not her friends but her ex, reality TV star Gavin Beckett. Trapped by the storm, the two revisit the past and discover that their attraction is still strong and that the reasons their relationship failed before simply don’t exist anymore.

So if you’re ready for some enchanting Christmas stories, don’t overlook Bells Will Be Ringing. In addition, I have other Christmas stories available on, including The Forgotten Christmas Tree, Christmas with Tiffany, and The Secret Christmas Ciphers.

And most important of all, I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Thanks Carolynn for being with us today. I can’t wait to read this one. I’ve enjoyed all of your other Christmas stories.

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