What are you reading Thursday

Is it Thursday all ready? Wow. Times does fly. It seems only a few days ago I was writing about Carolynn Carey's latest Barbourville release. Lexi Witcher has the new Twisted Sixteen on pre-order so if you haven't reserved your copy you should do so now. She's releasing it on 10/29 with a release blitz… Continue reading What are you reading Thursday

What are you Reading Thursday

I know. I'm a day late posting, but I had to finish reading the ARC for Carolynn Carey's latest release The Bow Wow and Meow Campaign, #7 in the Barbourville series. It is a cute story set in Barbourville between Josh the 'cat and dog' man who bought an old run down farm and career… Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday

Rumor Has It Wednesday

Juli Alexander has some new covers for upcoming books to reveal, but her readers will have to wait a while to see them. Carolynn  Carey is working on a new Barboursville story dealing with dogs and cats. Lexi Witcher just revealed the cover for Twisted Sixteen. Mallory Kane has started working on a new two… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesday

Play Date Saturday

It's swagapalooza!!!  We're (the Jammin' Authors) crafting this weekend. Making give-away goodies. I learned to do origami business card holders. Made magnets, necklaces, and still have bookmarks to go. Sure I'm not participating in the July 24th Author Jam, but I still have events coming up that I need swag to giveaway. Who'll be at… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

Guest Author Monday

Today's I'm showcasing Author Carolynn Carey who introduced her latest in the Barbourville Series last month. At Home in Barbourville is book six in the series. Adrienne Rani Day is happily convinced she’s left Barbourville behind for good. After moving away to earn a college degree and then getting an accounting job, she rarely thinks… Continue reading Guest Author Monday

Rumor Has It Wednesday

Author Donna Wright has caught the writing bug. She has almost 25K written on her latest manuscript. Way to Go!!! Author Juli Alexander is skipping town. Gonna sink her toes in the sand somewhere very soon and soak up some rays. Woo hoo!! Don't we all wish we could do that! Author Carolynn Carey had… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesday

Guest Author Monday

Please welcome today's Guest Author -- Carolynn Carey Thank you, Leanne, for letting me visit today. This is an especially exciting day for me. Today is release day for a Christmas anthology entitled Bells Will Be Ringing, published by Crimson Romance, and one of my short stories appears in the anthology.  “Merry’s Wonderful Christmas Gift,”… Continue reading Guest Author Monday


Please welcome today, guest blogger Carolynn Carey as she shares with us: Brooding, Belligerent, or Boyish? What’s Your Taste in Heroes? I’ve been reading romance novels much longer than I’ve been writing them, and I’ve noticed over the years that the ideal image of a hero has changed. In the Gothics I once loved, the… Continue reading TGIF…Heroes

Rumor Has It Wednesday

Migraines stink. They hit at the worst time and leave you defenseless against the attack. They don't play fair. Miley Cyrus has gotten a third tattoo. You can find it on BING if you really want to see it. Lindsay Lohan gets grilled by Oprah about rehab. Carolynn Carey's newest release Dreaming of Dayton is… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesday