Sunday Sundaes

Last Sunday in 2013. It started off rainy, then dried up, but the wind blew and it was cold. I went to church and we had a good service. Then my mom made vegetable soup for lunch and we read books for about an hour or so before I went home and laid down. I’m still getting a low-grade fever ever so often from the healing process going on in my nose. The antibiotic nasal rinse I have to use twice a day is helping clear things out in there, but the cold, damp weather we’ve been having isn’t making it easy.

I took a long nap and felt better when I woke. I read some more and then tried to go to bed since I have to back to work tomorrow, but for some reason my Shi tzu thought it was whine time. She didn’t need to to out. She didn’t need water. I petted her, held her and yet she continued to whine. I finally moved her bed to the foot of my bed and put a blanket down for her and that seemed to help. Whether she was cold or just wanted attention I don’t know. It is so hard to decipher what a whine or a grunt means since she can’t talk.

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