Play Date Saturday

Today is a take it easy day. Still recovering from my sinus surgery and after my trip for the post-op visit and having a lighted want with a camera on the tip stuck up my nose I feel like someone has hit me pretty hard in the nose. My eyes sting and burn often and I guess that is all just side effects of having the surgery that I don’t recall from the first time. Or maybe it is more prevalent this time because I’m wanting to get back to reading and writing since I’d planned to finish up a WIP while off for Christmas holiday week. That hasn’t happened.

I did write for an hour or so today before going to run errands and then I did a little more writing when I returned, but I’m still about 20K from where I want to be on the story.

On another more happier note my son is pleased. His airsoft gun he got for Christmas wouldn’t shoot so we returned it and he got a different one. A US Marines replica that had a set of dog tags and a holster for the pistol that came with it.

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