Play Date Saturday

Today is my birthday. And celebrated it with several of my author friends at a lovely little location called The Paris Apartments Boutique and Tea Room. We had a wonderful time eating lunch and socializing as the French do for a two hour lunch. Then we browsed in the boutique area cashing in on a few Christmas clearance items (I picked up ornaments for my new Christmas tree).

My mom and I went to Edward McKays Used Books afterward and stocked up on a few more Debbie Macomber books for her. And bless her heart, she struggled to make sure she did not duplicate any of the books with ones she had at home and she still ended up with three she already had.

I too got a few books. I felt the birthday angel/spirit/ whatever was smiling down on me because I just happened to spot a book that was long out of print that I was wanting to read. It’s a Marilyn Papano book that they made into a movie several years ago and I love watching it every year at Christmas. A Season of Miracles. I squealed when I saw it and my mom thought I’d lost my mind until I showed her what I’d found.

The day was great and I can’t remember having such a leisure and fun birthday.

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