Bad boys as heroes can be so fun to read about. They can also be fun to watch in movies or TV shows. But lets flip the coin and consider what could possibly be appealing about the Geek or the Nerd?

New York Times Bestselling Author Vicki Lewis Thompson did a whole series where her heroes were Nerds. She had fun titles like Talk Nerdy to Me, The Nerd Who Loved Me, Nerds Like it Hot, and Gone With the Nerd. And most recently (Dec. 2013) her latest nerd book came out in ebook Nerds are from Mars.

Let’s face it, pretty faces and hot bodies are not all that make a hero a hero. And a nerd these days is not always a guy with a pocket protector, button up shirt who wears thick framed glasses. He could be a computer geek that is simply shy on the outside, but a hot blooded individual on the inside, you just need to crack through that exterior shell.

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