Play Date Saturday

Today was my monthly meeting for the Smoky Mountain Romance Writers. We discussed the finalization  of plans for Romfest 2014. Members signed up to volunteer where they were needed during the event. We also discussed plans for 2015. Not Romfest, but chapter plans.

As usual after the meeting adjourned we went to lunch where we continued to talk writing, plans, industry news, etc. After lunch I went shopping. I’d been considering getting a lighter weight laptop. I wanted to look at what was available and whether a tablet might be the better way to go. The Microsoft Surface 2 looked interesting. It already had MS Office loaded on it which is what I was wanting. Word so I could write when traveling to conferences, take notes if I wanted during workshops, do social media when WiFi is available. Light weight and functional, the snap on (hard case) keyboard even has backlighting when lighting is low. The drawback? Windows 8. I haven’t used it before though it is the operating system that laptops, desktops, and tablets are running now. However, the sales guy showed how to switch between screens and how to get back to the start. It didn’t look too hard so maybe it isn’t as big a drawback as it looks. The touch screen is awesome. No need for a mouse.

Price wise, the Microsoft Surface 2 (which has Microsoft Office 2013) plus hardcase keyboard cost less than my Toshiba Satellite laptop plus Microsoft Office 2010 I purchased two years ago. Which at that time was a great deal because it cost way less than the Dell XPS laptop I purchased in 2006. Technology is coming down in price which is good for the consumer.

I’m sure you are wondering what I chose. Yes, I got the tablet with a purple keyboard. I’ve set it up and I’ve found using the keyboard, while it appears small, it really is the same size key placement wise as a regular keyboard. So I do not foresee having a problem working on my manuscripts when I travel.

Did I have fun today? Yes. And I can happily say my son’s bad performed at their competition and received a superior rating. Awesome!!! Looking forward to them returning home Sunday.


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