Sunday Sundaes

I had a wonderful Strawberry Sundae yesterday with my friend Donna. We went shopping and she wanted a Chocolate Sundae so we stopped in at Shoney’s and had ice cream. Wonderful. The waitress made us two large sundaes and the price was $2.49 plus tax. You couldn’t have gotten a sundae that size for that price anywhere else. It wasn’t easy to eat that much and I sure didn’t want dinner last night. I just snacked a little.

But I digress. We began a revival at church today. I woke up with a migraine and couldn’t go, but I watched the live streaming at home. So even though I couldn’t be there I could still be a part of the service. I even watched the adult Sunday School Class before the morning service began.

Four more souls were saved today. Four were saved Wednesday night. How many more before this revival ends? Four more services. Four more opportunities. To God be the Glory.

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