Play Date Saturday

My son and I got new cellphones. His died this week and mine had been acting up for a while. I’d went through two charger cords and my phone would do crazy things when I was talking to people. So I decided it was time to get new ones. We ended up getting the same smart phone, but I got a colorful gel case for mine and I got him a case he could hook onto his belt that would also protect it. That was the best spent 2 hours working with a sales rep I’ve spent.  I lowered my service plan cost and got unlimited talk and text in the process.

I also bought wallpaper and paint for my kitchen. I’m getting a new cabinet to go in there and I decided to give my kitchen a new look in the process. I’ve never tried the wallpaper that you pain before, but I found a pattern I love. It looks Victorian, imagine the patterns of wallpaper that they had in the French Quarter simple, yet elegant. You might wonder why I have to wallpaper my kitchen, why not just paint it?  The walls. I live in an old farmhouse and the walls are not precisely perfect and the wallpaper hides it.



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