Random Thoughts Tuesday

I made my Shi tzu mad last night. I didn’t move her doggie bed to my bedroom, left it in the living room.  Therefore she retaliated. She got into my basket of swag and shredded the plastic baggies that held magnets and necklaces I’d made.  I had a mess to clean up, but the baggies can be replaced. At least she didn’t poop in the floor. That would have been a bigger mess to clean up before work. She’s very temperamental and I should have known better. Bad momma!    That’ll teach me a lesson. 🙂

Am I mad at my dog?  No, not really. It’s in their nature to prowl. I’d fed her powder from a Pixi Stix and she may have smelled where it had been in that bag. So again, my fault.

Did I fuss at her? No because she was asleep, it had obviously happened hours before and she wouldn’t have known what I was upset about.

Will she be happy to see me when I get home today?  Of course, she’ll be so excited she can’t stand still.

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