Play Date Saturday

We have had solid rain, light at times, heavy at others all morning. Now the sun is peeking out. And I got out of the house. Did a little shopping. Curtains  for two windows. A few short sleeve button up shirts for my son, a few new T-shirts all for school which will be starting in three, count them, three weeks!  High school here he comes!  I also got a few pairs of short PJ sets for myself. Then to the grocery where it is so easy to spend too much and have less than 20 items in your buggy so you can use the express checkout lane.  Of course, when you are buy Allegra 90 day supply that takes up a huge portion of your budget.

Season 2 of Cedar Cove came on Hallmark and it was really good. The months without visiting Debbie Macomber’s little town seemed to vanish. It was like we’d never had a hiatus. It’s a really good series and I keep telling my mom I’m going to borrow her books and read the whole series. Ha!  Like I have time to read for pleasure these days.

Then it was on to the new Hallmark movie with Facts of Life co-stars Lisa Welchel and Kim Fields in For Better or For Worse which turned out to be a quirky fun movie with a second chance at love  for a wedding planner and a divorce attorney as they deal with their children marrying. Anthony Cupo also stared.


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